Bournemouth Beach Lodges Design & Build

  • Bournemouth Beach Lodges by Ecologic Developments
  • Bournemouth Beach Lodges by Ecologic Developments
  • Bournemouth Beach Lodges by Ecologic Developments
  • Bournemouth Beach Lodges by Ecologic Developments

Overnight Beach Hut Design

Back in 2014 we were approached by Bournemouth Borough Council to discuss a potential market they had identified for overnight beach huts on their award winning beach front. A site was identified to the east of Boscombe pier and Bournemouth Borough Council released a tender for the design and construction of the overnight huts, both of which we won.

In May 2016 we were commissioned to design and build the 15 overnight lodges, one of which needed to cater for assisted living, meaning it is more accessible for less able-bodied users, and three of which needed to be dedicated dog-friendly units.

For this project we needed to fully comply with current building control legislation, which meant the complexity of the design process was much more in-depth. Despite the restrictions these regulations impose, we managed to deliver a product that incorporated space-saving design at every turn.

High Specification Beach Lodges

Each lodge sleeps six, and contains a fully fitted solid wood kitchen with quartz worktops and a compact shower room that houses a shower cubicle, washbasin and toilet. The internal furniture of the lodges are CNC cut birch ply which has been used to create space-saving pull-out sofas and a table that that can be removed and placed outside for al fresco dining.

These highly insulated lodges are also heated and have double glazed bi-fold doors that span the entire front of the building for stunning panoramic views of the sea. All 15 lodges are also fully wired up with electricity and Wi-Fi and have heat and fire alarms, TVs, both inside and outside lights, as well as discreet reading lights by the beds.

The project is an example of how forward thinking councils can offer something different. To date, no other UK councils have this kind of offering, which has been incredibly well received by the public and local councillors.

Bournemouth Beach Lodges Design
Bournemouth Beach Lodges Design
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Bournemouth Beach Lodges Design
Bournemouth Beach Lodges Design

Customer Feedback & Reviews

Having established a design concept for the lodges in 2014, we tendered for the design and build and eventually appointed Ecologic Developments. This local New Forest based company came to our attention early on thanks to their experience and reputation for building huts at Mudeford sandspit. With a lifetimes worth of experience building and repairing huts, Ecologic's Pete Samson demonstrated to us that he understood how the huts could function and meet our expectations for quality design and low maintenance.

We developed a very positive working relationship with Ecologic developments - and with Pete in particular. The company fully grasped our vision for the site and evolved the design of the lodges in lots of clever ways to maximise space within a strong, unfussy design. The lodges were delivered on time and slotted in perfectly to what was a very complex scheme programme. Ecologic understood the environmental and potential operational pressures based on their years of experience building beach huts and they contributed positively with creative solutions to design challenges we faced as the scheme progressed.

The fifteen beach lodges were designed with the needs of the modern beach visitor in mind but also with a view to being easy to maintain. The lodges are designed with life-span of up to forty years in mind. We knew we wanted each lodge to combine the very best of access and enjoyment of the beach 24/7 with a quality feel that featured all the creature comforts guests would expect from a modern boutique hotel. And we wanted to achieve all of this within a very small footprint of 3.2 x 4.7 metres. Each lodge had to feature sleeping for up to five people (we eventually were able to increase that to six thanks to clever design). Also we wanted to include a fully functioning bathroom with shower and toilet and a galley kitchen. Fast wifi was also a must as well as heating and a high level of insulation for the winter. A panoramic view across the front of each lodge together with a commanding position over the beach was also a must.

After a long exercise to secure planning consent, construction of the lodges began off site in the New Forest in June 2016. In January 2017 all fifteen huts were delivered to site, fully kitted out, within the space of three days. The beach lodges development has been completed on time, within budget and to a very high quality standard.

Andrew Emery, Resort Development & Strategic Planning Manager, Bournemouth Tourism

"I first met Pete and Rich early 2016 as part of the preliminary design phase for the Bournemouth Beach Lodges project. What was evident even in that first meeting was that Ecologic are clearly passionate about their product and totally believe in it. During the 12 months that followed, Pete and his team have conducted themselves professionally, where required accommodating with any design changes we requested and delivered the product on time. The final install speaks for itself with the new 15 overnight lodges beautifully enhancing the beachfront at Boscombe. It has been a pleasure to deal with Ecologic and look forward to working with them again in the future on another phase of lodges."

Graham Smith, Project Manager, Mouchel Ltd

"The design is ingenious (they sleep 6, remarkably, in their snug chic interior) they share an enviable perch at one of the south coast's top beaches. You expect special, and you get it: the kitchenette is stuffed with swanky appliances; the wood styling is sturdy and chic; the glazing is soundproof. Nothing has one function when it could have several: the living-room seating becomes a double and a single bed, while the stairs to the mezzanine are both shelf and cupboard. It's clapboard New England chic meets camper-van ingenuity."

The Sunday Times