Beach Hut at Hordle Cliff

Beach Hut Design for Hordle Cliff

Building off-site, delivering ready-built

We first met Jill Thompson in 2012 when Ecologic Developments were exhibiting at the New Forest Show. Her beach hut, situated at Hordle Cliff in Hampshire, had suffered many years of severe weathering and was rotting significantly. Following the New Forest Show we were appointed to rebuild the beach hut off-site and deliver it to the plot at Hordle Cliff.

Building off-site is a practice we have mastered over the years here at Ecologic Developments. By undertaking the construction back at our workshop in the New Forest, we are able to work in a controlled environment. This practice means we are not reliant on the weather, which in winter months at coastal sites can seriously slow down the construction process and hinder the build. All of this works to enable us to stick to proposed deadlines and ensures that structures are completely weather-tight before they are ever exposed to the natural elements.

Adding modern improvements

With Jill's hut we were able to improve on her original design including the addition of a lift-assisted overhead shutter that opened using marine grade stainless steel gas struts. The open shutter not only delivers shade to the hut and immediate outside space, but also improves the view considerably.

Due to the location, delivery of the new structure was a little more involved than it is with other huts. Although a relatively small hut, due to the distance involved, it needed to be lifted and lowered into a place using a 60 tonne crane that had the reaching distance required.

Hut 120 was the first one that Ecologic Developments have built for this location in Hampshire and since then we have been appointed to build three more at Hordle Cliff - all of which are rebuilds of huts that suffered from the 2014 Valentine's Day storms.

Hordle Cliff Beach Hut Design
Hordle Cliff Beach Hut Design
Hordle Cliff Beach Hut Design

We first came across Ecologic Developments at the New Forest Show 2012 where they won first prize with their exhibited beach hut. We were looking for a company from which to buy a replacement beach hut, to replace one which had rotted. We were really impressed with the exhibited beach hut - it far surpassed anything we had seen before.

We contacted Pete after the show and he came up with a fair price for the replacement which would give us a much better hut than the original. Pete's company built to our spec and kept in contact throughout the build process. The hut was built off-site and was craned over a cliff to put in position when it was ready. Everything went like clockwork and now our new beach hut stands impressively in place of our old hut. We are really pleased with the result and are hoping to use the company again in the not too distant future for a similar project. Ecologic Developments definitely comes highly recommended.

Jill Thompson