63 Beach Huts at Avon Beach, Hampshire

Beach Hut Design at Avon Beach

Beach Hut Rental at Avon Beach

Immediately after the Valentine's Day storms of 2014 we received a call from the owner of Avon Beach Café & Restaurant in Hampshire, who also owns 120 beach huts as a rental business. During the storms over half the huts were swept away and with a busy summer season of rentals on the horizon, this large number of beach huts needed to be replaced as soon as possible.

After agreeing a design that was fitting for the site at Avon Beach, we were appointed to build and erect a total of 63 beach huts. The structures sit along the promenade so no ground works were required, however, the day huts needed to be built and installed with the exterior already painted and as a fully weather-tight structure ready for rental.

Task: Build 63 Beach Huts in 5 Weeks

The new huts were designed to be durable and hardwearing against the natural elements, but also against the heavy traffic of day-to-day rental use. We managed to achieve all this, installing the final beach hut just five weeks after the date of our initial appointment.

All of the huts were built in panel form at our workshop in the New Forest and delivered by lorry before being put together on-site in advance of the impending 2014 spring/summer season. This makes the build process much more efficient as we work in a controlled environment sheltered from the natural elements. This also ensures that structures never leave our workshop until they are completely weather-tight.

Beach Hut Design for Avon Beach
Beach Hut Design for Avon Beach
Beach Hut Design for Avon Beach
Beach Hut Design for Avon Beach

"Being asked to design, build and install a total of 63 beach huts in five weeks was a huge undertaking for Ecologic. Thanks to our great team and their experience and expertise we felt it was an achievable goal. It was a different style of building for us but one we can now say we are accomplished in. And we have also been called back to the same site to build a further 32 units replacing the original ones that survived the storms of 2014."

Peter Samson, Ecologic Developments